Lice: The Scare in My Hair

“BUGS… on my HEAD?!!!”

Nothing could prepare 8-year-old Lucy for the scare about to invade her hair: LICE! From icky shampoos to toothy combs, her life is quickly turned lice-side out. What can a little girl do?

Discover what living with lice is really like in this funny real lice story from award-winning children’s book illustrator Tracy Dockray!

Why Write a Book About Head Lice?

Did you know there are 6 to 12 MILLION cases of head lice every year in the United States alone?! That makes head lice as common as… well, the common cold. Who knew?

I certainly didn’t, until my daughter came home from school one day with the gift that keeps on giving: head lice! And then she gave them to her brother and me. When I saw that our dandruff… moved… I flipped out.

Like any lost parent, I went to the Internet seeking help. There, I cringed at photos of lice enlarged to the size of a chihuahua, winced at infestations, agonized about super-resistant lice and worried over dangerous shampoo warnings.

Nothing I encountered did much to quiet my jangled nerves. That’s when I began speaking with other parents who had already dealt with this unpleasantness. I was grateful to finally get the real lice story—and as a parent and creator of children’s books, I want to pass that story onto others.

My new book, Lice: The Scare in My Hair, humorously demystifies this unfortunate part of childhood. Your children will learn that anyone can get lice, discover methods for dealing with the critters and ultimately see that lice really don’t have to be so scary after all!

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